Seeing the bigger picture.

Environmental, Social and Governance

At Hollyport we have two approaches to environmental, social and governance issues – the integration of ESG analysis in our investment process and our internal ESG initiatives as a firm.

Investment ProcessWe are a proud signatory of the UN Principals for Responsible Investment (PRI) and follow its framework to embed ESG considerations into our investment process.

Diversity and inclusionHollyport is committed to creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment for all our staff. Our company values are at the heart of all our initiatives with teamwork and supporting others being of paramount importance. We are continually learning and improving our efforts in this area.

We are taking action to improve the accessibility of private equity to women and people from diverse backgrounds through our scholarship programme, which is managed by registered charity Crowd Scholar. The Hollyport Scholarship is awarded annually to one male and one female university student interested in a career in the finance industry who otherwise could not afford to go to university.

Community Partnership
Hollyport aims to give back to the community by supporting a range of initiatives, committing not only funds but also our time and knowledge. In 2020 Hollyport set up a Charity Committee whose remit it is to review and expand our charity initiatives. The committee has outlined the firm’s objectives as follows

  • To promote charity and giving back within the firm, facilitating staff engagement with charity initiatives
  • To support initiatives which strive for diversity and inclusion within our industry, for both the current and future workforce

Sustainability and the environmentHollyport aims to minimise the environmental impact of its business whilst encouraging best practice for sustainability across our suppliers and amongst our staff. We have dedicated sustainability champions whose role is to push forward and review our initiatives.