Hollyport specialises in structuring smaller and more complex transactions, helping investors manage and exit their legacy private equity assets efficiently and discreetly.

Hollyport's Focus

Hollyport provides liquidity to investors seeking to realise mature private equity investments which now represent only a small proportion, by value, of their commitment to the asset class. We typically acquire portfolios comprising a wide range of fund types and geographies, and specialise in smaller and often more complex transactions, helping investors to manage and exit their legacy private equity holdings.

We structure transactions to meet the specific needs of individual vendors. In addition to fund interests, we also buy co-investments and direct investments which have become non-core. We always respond quickly and discreetly to potential transactions and are sensitive to individual vendor’s requirements.

Managing the process of transferring interests in old funds can be time consuming, not least because of the number of parties involved. Hollyport has the experience gained from transferring over 250 such fund interests over the last 8 years, and is able to efficiently lead and manage this process.

Tail End Funds

We purchase interests in funds that are approaching or have exceeded their original fixed term. Such funds typically have few remaining assets, the value of which is a small fraction of the original fund size. Investors with substantial private equity portfolios often wish to sell these investments as they are small in the context of their overall exposure to private equity, but they still have continuing burdens of management and administration.

Specialised Funds

As the private equity asset class has grown, so have the number, size and strategies of specialised investment funds, covering mezzanine, infrastructure, property, and emerging markets. The principals of Hollyport have the knowledge and expertise necessary to evaluate these funds and value their underlying portfolios.

Direct Investments

Hollyport works with General Partners to realise value from the remaining assets in mature funds. This can include fund restructuring, co-investments or acquiring direct investments from funds seeking an orderly wind up as they reach the end of their fixed life. We also acquire direct co-investments, which can include debt instruments, from investors seeking to rationalise their portfolios.

Tertiary Liquidity

The growing maturity of fund of funds and secondary funds has given rise to the need for liquidity for their investors. The structure of these funds means that it is often not possible to obtain detailed information on the underlying interests in such portfolios. As a result of our established relationships within the private equity industry, Hollyport is uniquely positioned to provide liquidity to these vendors.

Primary Fund Investment

We offer a selected range of primary investment opportunities to our clients.

Certain private equity funds are accessible by invitation only; others have restrictions which make them difficult to access by all but the largest investors. Hollyport, through its relationships with General Partners, selectively offers access to top quartile managers through its own bespoke feeder funds. We also provide advisory services to investors seeking to develop a portfolio of investments within the asset class tailored to their own specific objectives.